8 LTM lens – YouTube Canon 50mm f1.


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Jan 14, 2018 · This and it’s twin brother the collapsible 50mm 3.

$30. As such, it will naturally mount to any LTM mount camera.

90mm lenses for Leica M mount.

Light Lens Lab (Cooke SPII Replica) 50mm f2. Leica Screw-Mount Cameras & Lenses.

How about an adapter which allows you to use your Leica R, Contax SLR, Nikon F, Canon FD, or Pentax Screw Mount wide angles on your Leica M or Leica Screw mount body?.
collapsible Summicron 50/2.
The Carl Zeiss Biogon T* 2,8/21 ZM is a solid alternative to Leica glass for rangefinder shooters, but it's not that sharp at the edges.

In addition, it can easily be adapted to other film cameras and today’s mirrorless digital cameras by way of numerous inexpensive adapters.

With this setup, I rarely ever got the lens out of focus.

With this setup, I rarely ever got the lens. Mar 24,. 4 LTM.

. . Bestseller No. 5 LTM lens – YouTube Industar 26M 52mm f2. . You can also use Leica screw mount lenses via a L39-M adapter.


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5 that is nice size for the cameras, but not too sharp; a nickel-plated Heliar 50 f2.

5 that is the best performing of my LTMs, but too big and blocks too much of the finders.


If you use Leica M mount cameras, film or digital, you have lots of great 90mm lens options to select from.